I don’t trust reality. Or I do trust reality, but it is like a movie playing on a screen right in front of my eyes, seen through a binocular. I see my surroundings. I can look around. But why? Why can I look around? How is it possible that I can turn my neck and eyes, that the eyes give input and project an image in my head. Is there a cinema in my head? Who is watching?

My skin becomes an active participant in an intense conversation based on supply and demand. By forcing my skin to wear and deal with various materials, to stretch my ability and test my physical experience, I push my skin into a dialogue. Like a good conversation: the more uncomfortable and intense it is, the more interesting, haptic and often relieving the outcome, in this case: the final image, video or sculpture.

Excavation (teaser)

Artefact of 'Excavation'

Fat Extraction

Skin Transplant

Exhibition view Live Alone, Die Together

Exhibition view Live Alone, Die Together

Artefact of Excavation, exhibition view Live Alone, Die Together

Exhibition view Live Alone, Die Together


Although you are a participant in the dialogue, I still have some burning questions for you that remain unanswered, starting with: “What do you think about being digitalized, being flattened?” It seems that you are not able to withstand and react on the digital universe, as it is ungraspable and not perceivable without the use of vision, as it is already too vast to grasp for “complete” human beings. Can we conclude that skins are lacking this intelligence to form an opinion about this question? That the intellect of the skin reaches to a certain extent? Or am I unable to decipher your non-performative answer? Do I really want to know the answer if you respond to my question for consent with ‘not okay’?



Series of Conversations, exhibition view at Live Alone, Die Together


Live Alone, Die Together

July 7th - July 11th

Willem Twee Kunstruimte
Boschdijkstraat 100, 5211 VD 's-Hertogenbosch