In the physical world, as a female identifying person, I could not find space to explore what the shape of my body can mean beyond the lines of patriarchal normativity. I wanted to explore my body in its digital form beyond such regulatory norms.

I seek for ways to explore beyond the mere physical, using the digital 3D grid as a cyber space. I have a sense that there is much more freedom within the digital 3D grid to self-define. By endlessly transforming and multiplying my digital 3D bodies I am refusing to be viewed through a single gaze. 

Aiming to visually represent my digital bodies’ complexity, differentiation, hybridity and multiple mixed bodily forms, I challenge my predicated ideas of the normalized and hyper feminized body. Negotiating between, and outside of, the boundaries and binaries that frame my body. 

As the digital 3D grid is an empty grey space with no boundaries, I envision this as a grey area, in which the artists’ imagination is not possible to be controlled. In here are much more playful possibilities for the artist to materialize objects through their own terms.

Live Alone, Die Together

July 7th - July 11th

Willem Twee Kunstruimte
Boschdijkstraat 100, 5211 VD 's-Hertogenbosch