In focussing on the field of Trauma and PTSD, I investigate and engage with the complexities of these conditions, different support systems and therapy available in and around the Netherlands, and the diverse ways in which people share and support one another. Through a process of research and engagement with embodied practices, I have developed exploratory projects through which I share my journey of Trauma and PTSD. In this way, I aim to help others gain perspective and understanding about Trauma and PTSD and their journey towards healing.

Unboxing my Traumatized Self An explanation of Trauma, how it affected me and ways I learned to deal or cope with Trauma through my design practice

This is the big, scary truth about Trauma: there is no such thing as “getting over it.” The five stages of grief model marks universal stages in learning to accept loss, but the reality is in fact much bigger: a major life disruption leaves a new normal in its wake. There is no “back to the old me.” You are different now, full stop. This is not a wholly negative thing. Healing from Trauma can alsomean finding new strength and joy. The goal of healing is not a papering-over of changes in an effort to preserve or present things as normal. It is to acknowledge and wear your new life — warts, wisdom and all — with courage.

Catherine Woodiwiss


The Box

Layers to be unpacked and discovered

A letter inviting the viewer to view and engage with my work

One of two decks of cards

Memories and documentation of my Trauma and PTSD

Paintings that helped me work through and deal with the difficulties and challenges of Trauma and PTSD

I see the role of design as pivotal in helping society understand and appreciate what different human conditions, experiences and struggles can teach us about being more empathetic, understanding, and sensitive beings.

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Live Alone, Die Together

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